VKH Adores: The Letter O

O is for:

Oh-S**t Kit

(Photo courtesy of OffbeatBride.com)

Aptly named, there’s really no better term for this indispensible wedding day standard, because inevitably someone is going to say “Oh s**t” about something that is unexpected (e.g. stain, rip, act of God, etc.)  It is almost as much of a tradition as is having a veil.  Some people view the OSK as a bad omen – by having it, something will SURELY go wrong.  We disagree with those people, and remind them mercilessly that they should have listened to what we had to say.  You can find many OSK lists online, and everyone’s mother, aunt, sister, sister-in-law, and gay best friend will undoubtedly have a version that is better than a previous one.  Depending on the wedding theme your coordinator or maid of honor should accommodate.  Below is the basic contents of our VKH kit:

MendingSewing kit (hand needle, white and black thread and thread in the colors of the bridal party clothes, scissors, various sizes of safety pins) – Krazy Glue – Metal brads (these can serve as makeshift shirt studs or cufflinks!) – Duct tape – Black magic marker – Baking soda (green, eco-option for A) dry-cleanable clothing – Some dry-clean-only items can be cleaned with a solution of 4 tablespoons baking soda in cold water; and for B) cleaning without water – to remove a grease spot in polyester fabrics, rub dry baking soda into the fabric, brush the solution off, and the stain should be gone.) – Clear nail polish

Grooming Bobby pins &Hair ties – Brush & Comb – Hair spray – Tweezers – Fingernail/toenail clippers – Nail file – Small mirror – Breath spray/mints – Tooth brush & Tooth paste – Lint brush – Deodorant – Q-Tips – Tampons – Tissues

Safety – Johnson & Johnson First Aid to Go (can heal everything from bee-stings to boo-boo’s to migraines) – Suntan lotion – Advil/I-Buprofen/Alieve/Tylenol

Other – 2 or 3 lighters

You will also want some sort of bag or box in which to store these items.  It’s just good insurance to keep a kit like this on hand, if for no other reason than to avoid becoming these people:

Oleinik Photography

Ann and Kamran the Chicago-based husband and wife photographer team, love working with creative people.  They were recently voted Best of Weddings 2012 on theknot.com.  Their images are fresh, modern, and totally unique.  They promise that at times you won’t even know they’re around, but they will be there capturing the personalities, expressions, and emotions that make your wedding day so important to you through a combination of ninja-like candid photography and inspired, creative portraiture.  Check out their website, and blog!


(Photo courtesy of WeddingAces)

We know what you’re thinking – only for Halloween, traffic cones, and Tibetan monks.  Well there’s nothing wrong with this wise and happy color (or any of those orange references.)  Orange can be paired with greens, browns, blues, whites, pinks and purples to create an energizing and joyous atmosphere at a wedding. Classic or modern, vibrant or subdued, incorporating orange in your wedding decor will guarantee an ovation from your guests.

(Photo courtesy of bridesmaid.com)

(Photo courtesy of CharlotteGeary.com)

(Photo courtesy of WeddingAces.)

But do not just stop with the color – using this citrus fruit in your decorating will add interest and a natural zest to your wedding.

Photo courtesy of Object Splendor)

(Photo courtesy of Yifat Oren)

If you’re going to use this Vitamin-C loaded fruit in your decorating, shop local and organic at Green Grocer Chicago.  Green Grocer is an intimate, neighborhood market that features organically grown, locally produced food products and specialty items located at 1402 W Grand.  And to make sure there is no waste AFTER the wedding, give the centerpieces out as gifts for the wedding party, or donate them to local nursing homes or assisted living communities.  Discover more opportunities at the I Do Foundation website!

Organic Salon

Being green on your wedding day does not HAVE to mean that you and your wedding party have to forego things like salon-styled makeup, nails, and hair.  While VKH staff are in favor of DIY, money-saving, eco-conscious options, we are NOT in favor of you looking like you rolled out of bed, took a vinegar bath, parted your morning-sweaty hair down the middle, and braided a twig that “chose to fall to the ground” in one side.  Natural is one thing – unkempt, smelly bog-dweller is entirely another.

Weddings are sacred events, regardless of your religious beliefs, and should blend  individuality, creativity, and fun with grace, decorum, and polish.  But where can you go to find eco-friendly, good-quality hair, makeup, and nail services to keep you looking lovely on your wedding day?  In the heart of Chicago, there is such a place – Natural Elements Salon.  All products we use have been carefully chosen for consistent quality and performance. They are mostly naturally derived, good for you, and good for the environment.   They can accommodate wedding parties with all their spa-like services in the lower-level private VIP area (more info here.)

(Photo courtesy of city-data.com)

Orrington Hotel

(Photo courtesy of Hilton.)

Planning a wedding a in the Chicago and NorthShore areas can be overwhelming, especially with a lot of out-of-town guests.  Fortunately, finding a place for your guests to dream does not have to be a nightmare, and VKH Adores the Hilton-Orrington Hotel in Evanston.  Open since 1925, The Orrington is a gracious place to relax.  Guests are located near Chicago public transportation and Pace Suburban Transport (30 minutes to downtown Chicago, 15 minutes to Skokie), the Metra Union Pacific North Line, and lots of shopping and dining.  If guests are unable to leave their furry friends at home, The Orrington can accommodate – pets are welcome and will be treated with equally welcoming respect.  And if you’re looking for one-stop-marrying, The Orrington has over five different locations within its landmark walls to choose for your ceremony, and several parlors and reception areas!



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