VKH Adores: The Letter N


We coordinated & designed a wedding last year where VKH’s owner Vanessa had an inspired notion to bring nature inside for the reception, all the way down to two little cardinals in a nest.  We love taking inspiration from the natural environment – it makes the quest to be green and sustainable that much easier!

VKH photo by Denita Linnertz

We’ve also fallen for Etsy designer Starry Designs and their wonderful birds’ nests rings, pendants and earrings.  An inexpensive option to a unique look for the bridal party?  We think so!

Photo courtesy Starry Designs

New York & New Hampshire

But not for the reason you might think (although from beautiful upstate rural wedding settings to urban big city soirees, they’re pretty great locations).  In light of recent events, we at VKH applaud, as of July 24, 2011 & January 1, 2010 respectively, their inclusion of gay marriage on the law books. It’s not a privilege, it’s a human right.  They’re in good company with Iowa, Vermont, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Connecticut and starting June 7, 2012 Washington state.


It’s a must on the big day to have the fingers and toes all done up. But what about this?  Head 2 Toe Mobile Spa based in Chicago – they’ll come to your wedding venue to do you and your wedding party up right. Plus they have a green beauty component with all-natural ingredients like the vegan Cahh-Fee Talk, a renewal manicure with brown sugar, organic espresso and sunflower oil. Their mission? To educate consumers on the importance of chemical-free beauty, developing a more sustainable community [to] create a more beautiful world.  We can get behind that!


They’re important for save-the-date & rsvp return before the wedding and the important thank you’s after the wedding.  We love recycled and DIY notecards, both for the green component and because it’s more fun and unique.  VKH staffer Zac was recently invited to a wedding that included an rsvp return vintage postcard.  The couple had been collecting them for months and months from antique stores & ebay.  They plan on making a collage with the returned ones as a special memento and new wall art!

We also found this amazing DIY best-of list inclusion from Flax & Twine blog. Their notecard project takes needlepoint to a beautiful next level. You can see the full best-of DIY notecards & stationery list here at Design Sponge.

Photos courtesy Flax & Twine


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