VKH Adores: The Letter M


Music can and should be a wonderful addition to your special day.  Whether you’re hosting a simple dinner party or a wedding, the right music can set the tone and make everything seem that much brighter.  VKH staffer Deborah’s wedding reception used a friend who played music through a computer and speakers using Rhapsody.  When we host dinner parties or small scale events in private homes we use online music program Pandora to set the mood – sometimes to match the food we’ll be serving. VKH is in the process of planning a wedding where a local band will be playing.  Whatever your budget and whatever your needs, the possibilities for music are astounding.  Here are some of our favorites:

Swing Gitan – We can’t help but promote this fantastic Chicago gypsy swing band.  If you’re in the area, check them out on Wednesday nights at the Green Mill.  You can also see if they’re available to play your special event!   Image

Pandora – Just plug in the name of a band or genre and their system plays a radio channel of similar kinds of music for you.  Fantastic.  Pandora still offers free memberships as well as expanded memberships for a small fee.

String Quartets – This staple of wedding ceremonies really does add so much to a beautiful service.  Sacred or secular, it doesn’t matter what’s being played – it always sounds beautiful.  Search through local universities to see if they offer a gig placement service for their music students.  All the talent at a potentially discounted rate.


These beautiful and full petaled flowers bloom in summer and fall in our neck of the woods (Midwest) and are a perfect adornment to a bright table or bouquet.  Typically found in Yellow, Orange and Red (and combinations thereof) these stunners could even be a lovely addition to your hair – just be sure you wait to the last minute to set it in your coif!

  Image   Image



Whether talking about the French kind (colorful almond flour sandwich cookies) or the coconut kind (always white and coco-nutty) these are a delish little treat to cap an event.   Either one is the perfect accompaniment for that meal-ending cup of coffee or tea and are sure to please everyone.  Check you local bakeries for prices or (gasp) try your hand at making them yourselves.  Just be sure that if you’re serving the French kind you alert your guests to potential nut allergies.

 Image   Photo courtesy IKM Macaroons (Check out the “How To Make” video too!)

ImagePhoto courtesy Freeds Bakery 


We here at VKH have a serious love affair with the color mustard.  (This often also relates to our love of the food mustard!)  Mustard yellow, blue, and grey or white make a lovely event color palate (as the folks at magnoliarouge.com prove with the board pictured below).  Honestly, mustard as a color is one of the more versatile around adding depth but not distraction.  And while we’re at it, why not host a fun Oktoberfest Party featuring brats and pretzels with a variety of mustard to taste?  There’s a stunning array of heats and flavors out there to satisfy most any guest.  (Just don’t forget the beer!)

    Image  Image                                                                                                                                       (Photos Courtesy Magnolia Rouge)


Just because diamonds have become the standard gem in engagement rings, doesn’t mean you can’t entertain other possibilities. We think malachite is a charming gem to use in special jewelry (Mother’s Day is coming up, kids – hint, hint) and even an engagement ring.  This malachite, diamond and rose gold ring we found on Rubylane.com is just one example of how a non traditional stone like malachite can be quite the stunner!  Find a local artisan jeweler to help you plot out how to highlight your stone’s individual beauty best.  Very often you’ll find the price point more in line with a budget as well.  Even more reason to look into this lovely gem stone.

 ImagePhoto courtesy Years After Antique Jewelry


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