VKH Adores: The Letter J

Jewelry (of course!)

The rings are the most important, but the bride wants to have the perfect jewelry to compliment the perfect dress.  Classic and understated is a great way to go.  We found some wonderful vintage and handmade one-of-kind items at Etsy.com. Like this lovely & affordable pearl necklace from Luxe Deluxe.

Image(Photo courtesy Luxe Deluxe)

Jamming at the Reception

After the ceremony, after dinner is served, after the cake is cut what’s left to do but celebrate?  The focus for some brides & grooms is on the dance party, where cutting loose and letting the hair down feels deserved and welcome after the hard work and stress of getting the big day put together.  Many are going with an iPod playlist for their music needs, but nothing beats a great DJ mixing the tunes and feeling the crowd’s energy throughout the reception.  Chicago-based theatrical sound designer Harrison Adams moonlights as a fantastic DJ for any event – calm, cool and collected – he knows how to keep the guests jamming.


(Photo courtesy Harrison Adams)

We also found this extra cute sign, again on Etsy.com from Craft Mart Texas.  We’re loving the sentiment!

  Image(Photo courtesy Craft Mart Texas)

Jelly Beans

With Easter in the recent past we might want to take a break, but they’re so yummy!  And with their colorful, wide-range of hues and small size they can be used for more than just eating. Try a centerpiece or party favor at a shower or wedding!

Image   Image    Image

                              (Photo courtesy Baby Lifestyles)    (Photo courtesy ALL YOU Magazine)

Jones Soda

Speaking of wedding favors – you might have seen Jones Soda Co‘s custom made soda labels. For a keepsake or for consumption, it’s a cute idea that can make for a pretty decorative display in any of the colors of your wedding. Big Jones is a socially responsible, green company. And the soda is all-natural with no HFCS!

Image             Image

                                (Photos courtesy Jones Soda Co.)

“Just Married” decorating

You don’t need a classic car, but it can’t hurt.


(Photo courtesy Eye On The Life Magazine)

And what about a gender-neutral honeymoon gift that’s Eco-conscious and fun?  Pick any color under the sun at Just Beach Towels.


(Photo courtesy Just Beach Towels)

Last, but not least June Weddings

Any month of the year is a great month to get married.  There are a bunch of options any season you pick, but for some the only month to get married is June.  The weather is warm & sunny, the surroundings green & lush and with the perfect tent you can make magic happen under the stars.


(Photo courtesy Party Time Productions Inc)


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